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How can we stay focused energised and truly happy, when our brains constantly get new impressions from the digitized world and always get us distracted ?


How can we lead ourself and our companys in best possible way? How can we keep focus and our presence?


Beeing positive is not something we do, but something we choose and to live thus it becomes a lifestyle.

Teams that feel positive and well perform better and it leads to amazing results. 

What and how do you create a substainable environment for both yourself and your team?

Maria Swanström is a highly recommended motivational speaker with a specialty of inspiring leadership in people.


With a background through several different professions, courses, studies, and with a solid education in Digital Business, Maria can in a phenomenal way relate and adapt her lecture or workshop to your needs.




Maria is full of enthusiasm, energy and extremly positive, and she goes straight to your heart.


Every request is customized and streamlined for the optimal result.

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